Rules and conditions

Rules and conditions to take part in the FERRARA BUSKERS FESTIVAL 2022 (22nd - 28th AUGUST)

The Ferrara Buskers Festival is a non-competitive parade. It includes two main sections: the invited musicians and the fringe credited artists. Both sections give life to the festival. Artists can apply as invited musicians or as fringe credited artists. If selected, they will receive the official invitation to the FBF.

INVITED MUSICIANS (soloists or bands):

  • The invited acts (soloists, duo or bands) are 20 and are selected according to stricter criteria.
  • They receive hospitality (board and accommodation) from the organization and will be refunded for their travel expenses.
  • They have to perform for the whole Festival.
  • Every year the Festival is dedicated to a Guest City, so part of the 20 acts will come from the that city to represent it.
  • They can "pass their hat” and sell their CDS.

FRINGE CREDITED ARTISTS (this section includes mostly musicians but also artists performing other street shows genres):

  • According to the spots available, every day the organization arranges more than 90 spots for the fringe credited artists. This implies that in terms of numbers, the fringe credited artists are much more than the invited acts. During the festival around 800 buskers are expected to attend the venue.
  • They are not given any money back from the Organization but can benefit from the special offers regarding accommodation and food arranged by the Organization.
  • They can "pass their hat” and sell their CDS.

Rules at the FBF

The Ferrara Buskers Festival is a street music parade so anyone who applies has to take into account the following rules:

  1. Respect the other buskers.
  2. Respect what is arranged by the Organization.
  3. Fill in the application form with the necessary info. If selected, videos, images and music files will be uploaded on the FBF website. Incomplete applications won’t be accepted
  4. Electricity won’t be allowed.
  5. Generators won’t be accepted.
  6. Too powerful amplifiers won’t be allowed (battery systems: max 50/100 watt). During the festival, amplifiers might be checked out.
  7. Complete drum sets won’t be allowed (max 3 pieces are accepted –bass drum must have a dumper).
  8. If selected as a fringe credited artist, he/she has to accept the days assigned and communicate any change of program to the Organization as soon as possible
  9. Invited band's shows are all the nights (21.30-24.00) and alternating afternoon in default spots

Selection Criteria

Given the huge demand of applications received in the past editions, the organization might be forced to a more rigid selection. Our choice will be based not only on artistic and technical features but, above all, on the need to submit proposals which could be as different as possible in terms of geographical areas of origin, genres and repertoire.

Unfortunately, because of these criteria, we might have to renounce to talented and interesting artists for this year festival.

Moreover, if the material received won’t be sufficient for a complete vision of the show or the instruments won’t be appropriate for street performance, the application won’t be accepted.

Applications received after the deadline (30th April 2022) won’t be accepted.